You must have Internet access to register as an Emma user.

    1. In the Login window, click New user registration. This will open a browser window with the new user registration page.
      If a new window does not open, you can click here to open it.
    2. In the New User Registration page, enter your information in the fields.
      There are some mandatory fields that have to be filled out correctly.
      These are marked with asterisk.
    3. Click Register (you cannot do this until all mandatory fields are filled out correctly). If something is wrong with the registration an error message is shown.
      In that case, click OK to return to the Login window and if possible start again on step 1.
    4. If registration is successful, you will receive an email to verify your email address. To do so, press the link in the email.

You need to contact your Sony representative in order to activate your account. Please remember to provide your username.
You can log in when your account has been activated and your email has been verified.
For internal users please search for "Emma Access" on Confluence.