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Release History

Version Date Release Notes
18w28.1 2018-07-09
18w25.2 2018-06-19
18w22.1 2018-05-28 Dear All, We like to inform you that the following ESS/Emma applications will be deployed in this sprint: 1. ESS Admin 2. ESS ASP status 3. ESS ASP 4. ESS Distribution 5. ESS UAS 6. ESS ASB 7. Emma Client 8. Emma Log Viewer Date: Monday, 28th May 2018 Time: 08:00-09:00 UTC Change: Emma/ESS Sprint 18w22.1 deployment on production environment. Impact: 1. ESS Admin will experience disturbance. 2. ESS ASP status will experience disturbance. 3. ESS ASP will experience disturbance. 4. ESS Distribution will experience disturbance. 5. ESS UAS will experience disturbance. 6. ESS ASB will experience disturbance. 7. Emma Client will experience disturbance. 8. Emma Log Viewer will experience disturbance. Reason: This change is required so as to maintain SOMC IT Environment. We shall update you once the change activity is completed. Note: 1) Xperia Companion will not experience any downtime. 2) Emma can still be used in offline mode to run services that have already been cached locally on the PC. It’s recommended to use the “Download Services” functionality of Emma to download services that you will need to run during the change window. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are doing the combination of Emma / UEP, from now on, we'll use the new Email address instead of and, please update your contact list and related documents. We shall update you once the change activity is completed.
18w20.1 2018-05-14
18w16.1 2018-04-16
18w13.1 2018-03-26
18w10.1 2018-03-05
18w6.1 2018-02-05
18w3.1 2018-01-15
17w51.1 2017-12-18
17w48.1 2017-11-27
17w45.1 2017-11-06
17w42.1 2017-10-16
17w38.1 2017-09-18
17w35.1 2017-08-28
17w32.1 2017-08-07
17w29.1 2017-07-17
17w26.1 2017-06-26
17w23.3 2017-06-07
17w20.1 2017-05-15
17w17.1 2017-04-24
17w14.3 2017-04-05
17w11.1 2017-03-13
17w8.1 2017-02-20
17w6.1 2017-02-06
17w2.1 2017-01-09
2.16.17 2016-12-19
2.16.16 2016-11-28
2.16.15 2016-11-07
2.16.14 2016-10-17
2.16.13 2016-09-19
2.16.12 2016-08-29
2.16.11 2016-08-08
2.16.10 2016-07-18
2.16.8 2016-06-07 We like to inform you that the following applications will be deployed in this sprint: 1. Emma 2. Emma Admin 3. UAS 4. ESS Distribution 5. ESS-Admin 6. ESS ASP Date: Tuesday, 07th June 2016 Time 10:00-11:00 CET. Change: Emma/ESS Sprint 2.16.8 deployment on production environment Impact: 1. Emma Server will be unavailable for Emma Client, PC Companion Pro and web access. 2. Emma Admin Tool will be unavailable; LESS flow will be interrupted for SOuRCE . 3. UAS service will be unavailable. 4. ESS Distribution will be unavailable for Emma Client, PC Companion Pro and web access; PC Companion, Bridge for Mac will not experience any downtime. 5. ESS Admin will be unavailable. 6. ESS ASP will be unavailable for LESS from SOuRCE. Reason: This change is required to maintain SOMC IT Environment. We shall update you once the change activity is completed. Note: 1) PC Companion will not experience any downtime. 2) Emma can still be used in offline mode to run services that have already been cached locally on the PC. It’s recommended to use the “Download Services” functionality of Emma to download services that you will need to run during the change window.
2.16.7 2016-05-16
2.16.6 2016-05-03
2.16.5 2016-04-05
2.16.4 2016-03-14
2.16.3 2016-02-22
2.16.2 2016-02-01
2.16.1 2016-01-11
Release 2.15.17 2015-12-17
2.15.17 2015-12-14
2.15.16 2015-11-23
Release 2.15.16 2015-11-23
2.15.15 2015-11-02
2.15.14 2015-10-14
2.15.13 2015-09-21
Release 2015-09-21
Release 2015-08-31
2.15.11 2015-08-10
Release 2015-07-20
Release maintenance 2015-07-06
Release of Ess maintenance 2015-07-01
2.15.9 2015-06-29
Release 2.15.9 2015-06-29
Maintenance Release 2015-06-10
Release 2.15.8 2015-06-08
2.15.7 2015-05-18
Release 2.15.7 2015-05-18
Maintenance Release of 2015-05-04
Release of Emma Maintenance for 2.15.6 2015-04-29
2.15.6 2015-04-27
2.15.5 2015-04-07
Release 2.15.5 2015-04-07
Release 2.15.4-MR1 2015-03-23
2.15.4 2015-03-16
2.15.3 2015-02-17
Release 2.15.2 2015-02-02
2.15.2 2015-02-02
2.15.1 2015-01-12
2.15.1 2015-01-12
2.14.17 2014-12-15
2.14.16 2014-11-24
2.14.10 2014-07-21
2.14.9 2014-06-30
2.14.8 2014-06-09
2.14.7 2014-05-19
2.14.6 2014-04-28
2.14.5 2014-04-07
2.14.4 2014-03-18
2.14.3 2014-02-24
2.14.2 2014-02-03
2.14.1 2014-01-13
2.13.14 2013-12-09
2.13.13 2013-11-18
2.13.12 2013-10-28
2.13.11 2013-09-30
2.13.10 2013-09-09
Maintenance Release 2013-07-16
2.13.8 2013-07-15
2.13.7 2013-06-24
Maintenance Release 2013-06-04
2.13.6 2013-05-27
2.13.5 2013-04-29
Maintenance Release 2013-04-09
2.13.4 2013-04-03

The following models are no longer supported:


2.13.4 2013-04-03 2013-03-11 2013-02-06
Maintenance release 2013-01-28

Minor urgent change for support of new products

Maintenance Release 2013-01-28

Minor urgent change for support of new products

2.13.1 2013-01-21
2.12.15 2012-12-17
2.12.14 2012-11-26
2.12.13 2012-11-05
2.12.12 2012-10-15
2.12.11 2012-09-17
2.12.10 2012-08-27
2.12.9 2012-08-06
2.12.8 2012-07-02
2.12.7 2012-06-11
2.12.6 2012-05-14
2.12.5 2012-04-16
2.12.4 2012-03-19
2.12.3 2012-02-27
2.12.2 2012-02-06
2.12.1 2011-12-28
2.11.12 2011-12-05
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
2.11.11 2011-11-07
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
2.11.10 2011-10-03
  • The following models are no longer supported:

2.11.9 2011-09-05
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
  • Support for future products
2.11.7 2011-07-04
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
2.11.6 2011-06-07
  • Improved progress calculation for very large files.
  • Improved service selection view
    - Recent (local) services are displayed first in the list.
    - Possibility to remove services from local history.
    - Improved filtering with history.




2.11.5 2011-05-02
  • Improved logging. Logging started earlier to better catch start up problems.
  • Improved progress reporting, better reporting during multiple downloads.
  • P2P fix for Windows DHCP. Windows DHCP media sense can cause P2P to be unresponsive. 
  • Fix for U1 activation after customization
2.11.4 2011-04-04
  • A new URL is used when communicating with the server. It might therefore be required to modify the local firewall settings so that traffic is allowed towards this new URL.

    Port: 80

  • Upgraded client platform.
  • Tampered phones detection added.
  • Rooted phones detection added. 
2.11.3 2011-03-09
  • Improved regional support for LiveView™
  • Improved start-up performance.
  • Upgraded JVM.
  • The following models are no longer supported:

2.11.2 2011-02-07
  • Improved resolving of proxy settings.
  • Improved logging of file download errors.
2.11.1 2011-01-03
  • Support for Bluetooth flashing removed
  • Supported operating systems:

Windows XP SP3 32-bit

Windows Vista SP2 32-bit

Windows Vista SP2 64-bit

Windows 7 32-bit

Windows 7 64-bit

2.10.12 2010-12-06

• Support for ME ID identification standard.
• Support for LiveView.
• Improved handling of erroneous product data during synchronization at client startup.

NOTE: Support for Bluetooth flashing will be removed in the next release. (2.11.1)

2.10.11 2010-10-27
2.10.10 2010-10-04
  • Bluetooth functionallity is unsupported. It may be incompatible with certain setups and no information regarding current working setups exists.
  • The following models are no longer supported:

2.10.9 2010-09-06
  • Simplified new passwords, special characters not required anymore. Existing passwords work as is.
    Note: Minimum password length is now 8 characters.
2.10.7 2010-07-05
  • Client logs are kept for 60 days
2.10.6 2010-06-08
  • Support for Bluetooth Units fixed
2.10.5 2010-05-03
  • Added Export and Import Service function

    To reduce the network use in areas with low badnwidth it is now possible to export and import services to a file.
    The functionality is available in the Manage Local Services dialog via the “Import…” and "Export Selected..." buttons.  




  • Full 64 bit support

    All clients now support 64 bit platforms.


  • Flashing of Bluetooth units disabled in this release.

    Will be enabled in next release. 


2.10.4 2010-04-06
  • Activation on Windows 7 is now fully functional.


  • Improved startup time


  • MIS-06 Connector no longer supports phones with Marianne socket
    Devices connected on the right slot on a MIS-06 connector are now ignored.


  • PC Cards are no longer supported


  • Reminder: Login credentials are personal and must not be shared with others.


  • The following models are no longer supported:

2.10.3 2010-03-01
  • New Activation Software
    The software required for activation has been updated to “SafeSign” version 3.0.33. The new version can be found here:

    To avoid problems with the installation, please uninstall “RaakSign Administration Kit” and older versions of “SafeSign” before installing the latest version.

    How do I know which version of “SafeSign” I have?
    1.) Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
    2.) Select “SafeSign” and select Click here for support information.

    How do I uninstall older versions?
    1.) Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
    2.) Select “SafeSign” or “RaakSign Administration Kit” and select Remove

  • New Bluetooth Identification

    Bluetooth Discovery will now run in a separate dialog.

  • Recovery Mode No Longer Supported.

    Recovery mode was only used for older phones that are no longer supported in Emma.

  • Exchange Unit Service

    The connector details view now informs if an Exchange Unit Service is needed before (re-)customization. For many phones a Customization service can be run directly without a preceding Exchange Unit Service.

  • Service Execution Log

    A new service execution log file will be created. It contain information about all phones that have been updated by the Emma client. The log file can be found here: <EMMA_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>\log\service\service.log
    In the log file there is information about the following: TIMESTAMP, IMEI, RESULT, USER, DOMAINID and SCRIPTID
    Log entries older than 21 days will automatically be removed from the log file.
Maintenance Release 2010-02-04
  • Problems with device identification for older Symbian phones (G700, G900, M600, M608, P1, P990, W950 and W960) fixed.
2.10.2 2010-02-01
  • Application release notes displayed in Emma Service Client welcome page.


  • Activation status displayed after a phone has been identified.

    Already activated phones will no longer fail during identification in phone mode.

    Instead phone activation status is displayed by a String “Activated: Yes” or “Activated: No”. If “Activated: Yes”is displayed there is no need for you to run an Activation Service. 


Activation Status


  • Memory footprint for services reduced.


Known issue(s): Activation in Windows 7 does not work properly. A fix is forthcoming.


Maintenance release 2009-12-17

- DMS00721371 Solved problem with X1 identification 2009-12-14
  • Device identification runs faster


  • Information about devices supported in Emma added. See Help -> Show Product Information...



Device information


  •  Tampered X1 phones detected.


  •  Windows 7 supported.
     Known issue(s): Activation in Windows 7 does not work properly. A fix is forthcoming.


  •  The following models are no longer supported:



Maintenance Release 2009-11-12

- DMS00691112 SEPI plugin does not load. 2009-11-09

- DMS00651694 New Java Runtime version
- DMS00681669 Make it possible to display ™ (TM) in the product selector.
- DMS00684219 Fixed issue where client stops reacting to phones being connected when a Windows Hardware Wizard is open
- DMS00684306 Fixed a rare issue where USBCommunicationChannel close was not honored and could cause corrupted units
- DMS00687016 Fixed Lithium phone mode identification
- DMS00688188 Fixed an issue where flashing fails on units with the A2 chipset

Maintenace Release 2009-10-19

- DMS00684396 CSCA activation speedup 2009-10-05

- DMS00623853 Client version visible in client installer
- DMS00625770 All clients now added properly to Windows Firewall
- DMS00651679 Windows 7 support
- DMS00676137 Improved logging for requests and responses in client log
- DMS00675897 Emma doesn't hang when downloading services in "Tools/downloading services" if the network connection is lost
- DMS00682422 Emma will close properly with BT turned on
- DMS00682648 Emma script download will stop properly when disconnecting the phone or when shutting down the client

Maintenace 2009-09-09

- DMS00677682 A2 Protocol - SEMCBOOT fails on all chipsets 2009-09-07

- DMS00631915 Removed Tools -> Preferences - User Settings - User Authorization dialog that filled no real purpose (permissions)
- DMS00674589 Client log files are stored 21 days (previously 3 days)
- DMS00618502 Improved handling of progress bar for long operations
- DMS00668645 Error with Service Client unable to be terminated while flashing even after confirm dialog fixed

No release 2009-08-01 2009-07-06

- DMS00514584 W900 now identifies as it should
- DMS00561010 P2P communication now works when reconnecting o dropped network
- DMS00624965 Better PAC file parsing for proxy configurations 2009-06-01

- DMS00524054 Client now respects user choosing not to go automatically online
- DMS00616440 DSS (Deskstand) no longer is supported in Emma
- DMS00617953 Removed Deactive Connector preference (Deskstand related)
- DMS00623972 Unsupported phones removed from user guide
- DMS00624481 Problems with flashing phones using high speed USB mode fixed
- DMS00610659 Problems with memorysticks fixed
- DMS00623673 X1 - Flash will now finalize without having to remove cable, Windows Vista only, 2009-05-04

- DMS00290393 Pressing abort on file upload no longer makes it necessary to force close application
- DMS00582209 Large file support for all clients
- DMS00616446 It is now possible to execute an already downloaded service when emma is offline
- DMS00608034 Newly created scripts are now visible in serviceclient 2009-04-06

- DMS00582206 Modify progress handling to support file sizes over 2GB in Emma flash clients
- DMS00587119 IE proxy resolver issue caused startup of clients to fail
- DMS00590158 Clients tested for compatability with IE 8
- DMS00557467 Emma: Error dialog 'Failed to communicate with server' behaviour inconsistency fixed
- DMS00566385 Warning added when trying to start Emma on Vista 64 (not supported)
- DMS00588442 "More Information" link added for Easy Access
- DMS00594801 Progress bar working for symbian in Emma
- DMS00580180 Problems with activation fixed, "Emma is asking to insert dongle even though already inserted"
- DMS00512727 Service client stops responding when selecting "Recovery mode" on a SEPI connector type. 2009-03-02

- DMS00459755 Improved errorhandling when network connection is lost
- DMS00458889 It is now possible to flash a M2 memory card in Emma on Windows Vista 32
- DMS00470935 Sometimes the wrong file was sent to phone, now fixed
- DMS00570009 Fixed an error that when running scripts on W380 caused slow progress
- DMS00468078 Support new image format for memory stick
- DMS00557675 Possibility of handling a Windows Mobile device in CE mode added
- DMS00569152 Fixed a bothersome delay during X1 reset 2009-02-02

- DMS00220587 Emma Admin Tool: Fix for copying and pasting multiple users
- DMS00462336 Locked subscripts had editable fields, now fixed
- DMS00515388 PAT support ha been removed
- DMS00375123 New drivers for Camel with Vista/XP 64-bit support are available
- DMS00554075 Fixed an issue where flashing failed on X1. 2009-01-07

- DMS00229838    Upgrade Java 1.6 update 1 to 11
- DMS00516194    New installer version
- DMS00457564    Drivers install problems for Windows Vista solved
- DMS00460475    Emma System Analyse - taken out of commission
- DMS00520666    Solved problem with device clean up logic
- DMS00470837    M2 memory card problem solved for W302, F305 and S302 2008-12-01

- DMS00306353    Added customization and file system version information to device info panel
- DMS00459997    Solved problem with "Enable USB Hi-Speed" not being saved in Emma configuration
- DMS00459713    Removed Cryptix library
- DMS00428279    Solved problem with SEPI driver installation
- DMS00448366    Solved problem with MIS-06 not responding
- DMS00457545    Solved MIS-06 problems for Windows Vista
- DMS00467908    Solved problem with X1 on Windows Vista
- DMS00441707    Added End User License Agreement to Emma installer and changed so that the only supported installer language is English
- DMS00440789    Upgraded USBFlash.dll, version 2008-11-03

- DMS00441713    P2P is now activated by default
- DMS00441832    P2P improvements (and upgrade to JGroups 2.6.4)
- DMS00397075    Solved problem with ampersands (&) not being printed in service names
- DMS00449334    Solved problem with identification of Symbian phones
- DMS00448645    New version of local database (org.hsqldb
- DMS00446564    Updated and improved performance testing 2008-10-06

- DMS00421046    Added functionality so search for sales item when using "download services"
- DMS00395286    Automated connector registration
- DMS00440608    Added functionality to enable/disable P2P from the status bar
- DMS00397102    Improved flash speed (USB high speed for A2 platform)
- DMS00443744    Solved problem with Device Instance Cleanup
- DMS00120710    Added functionality so that several MIS-06 communicators can be used simultaneously
- DMS00395317    Added functionality for changing USB/UART mode on MIS-06 left
- DMS00396155    Improved client shutdown handling when fatal problems are detected
- DMS00412937    Solved problem with script removal from client DB
- DMS00363917    Improved logging for Device Instance Cleanup problems
- DMS00409233    Improved error handling for login when the server is not available
- DMS00413005    Updated the Emma user guide (version 2.8.10)
- DMS00399186    Improved user feedback for resumed file download 2008-09-01

- DMS00395951    Corrected USBFlash.dll version number.
- DMS00231354    Solved problem with LED on MIS-06.
- DMS00398576    Solved problem with downloaded services not being visible in Manage Local Services dialog.
- DMS00380704    Solved problem with "Delete" in "Manage Local Services" dialog.
- DMS00394189    Changed the service list sorting so that it is case independant.
- DMS00340759    Improved logging of dialog information.
- DMS00396036    Improved logging of HTTP Error codes.
- DMS00398618    Added ok indication “Download Services” dialog after pressing the “Download Selected” button. 2006-06-27

- M600 workaround for Update Service and Update Service Pro. 2006-06-19

- Problem with "Flash OK" page not being shown in Update Service and Update Service Pro has been solved.
- Problem with "Settings -> Device" menu has been solved. 2006-06-13

- Problems with device communicators (deskstand, SEPI) has been solved. (Since the June release there has been a problem with devices sometimes not being displayed.)
- Bluetooth flash is working again. 2006-06-07

- Performance improvements
- Major rework of product detection but only small functional changes. For example resulting in a more rapid detection of the product.
- Support for PC card series GC8x
- Installation of device drivers for M600, P990 and W950
- Improved service card verification before running service 2006-05-02

- Database performance improvements
- User interface improvements
- Support for Turkish operating system language 2006-04-03

- New USB Flash driver
- Local database removed, using normal file storage instead
- Improved error handling when download files to client
- Performance and memory usage improvements 2006-03-06

- Various bug fixes
- Performance and memory usage improvement 2006-02-06

- Support for PC-card, (script not released at release date)
- Support for PAT (Portable Accessory Tool - used for updating accessories), (script not released at release date)
- Support for new products
- Various bug fixes
- Adjustmens to improve overall Performance 2006-01-12

- Identify product using Bluetooth flash failed
- Error when read/write GDFS for ODM-products resolved
- Show Chinese characters in dialog
- Communicator symbol for USB not visible during USB flash
- Error flashing A0 products resolved
- Performance improvements

Release Plan

Version Date Estimated Downtime
18w31.1 2018-07-30 08:00-09:00 UTC
18w34.1 2018-08-20 08:00-09:00 UTC
18w37.1 2018-09-10 08:00-09:00 UTC
18w41.1 2018-10-08 08:00-09:00 UTC
18w43.1 2018-10-22 08:00-09:00 UTC
18w47.1 2018-11-19 08:00-09:00 UTC
18w51.1 2018-12-17 08:00-09:00 UTC


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Developed by the Emma Team, Lund.