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New Emma service client now available


All current EMMA III users will have to migrate to the new Emma service client.

Step 1

The first step of the roll-out will be for all users to complete the iLearn training (requires approximately 30 minutes).

Log into iLearn (updated link that works also externally). Find the course "Emma Service Client User Training", (GCS-EMMASC2USER-EN), by searching or browsing.

Step 2
Download and install the new Emma service client, see download section.
Please note that you will keep you current user name and password.


We recommend that you keep your current EMMA III client during a one month transition period as a back-up solution.
This will enable you to build up your local database before uninstalling the previous version.

For further instructions, please refer to the Emma service client User Guide, available for download from the documentation section and also built into and searchable in the application.


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