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ESS/ESS Admin sprint 17w8.1 MR 1 change notification


We’d like to inform you that the following ESS/Emma applications will be deployed in this sprint: 1. ESS Distribution 2. ESS-Admin Date: Thursday, 23th Feb 2017 Time: 13:00-13:15 CET. Change: ESS/ESS Admin sprint 17w8.1 MR 1 deployment on production environment. Impact: 1. ESS Distribution will experience disturbance. 2. ESS Admin will experience interrupt. Reason: This change is required so as to maintain SOMC IT Environment. We shall update you once the change activity is completed. Note: 1) Xperia Companion will not experience any downtime. 2) Emma can still be used in offline mode to run services that have already been cached locally on the PC. It’s recommended to use the “Download Services” functionality of Emma to download services that you will need to run during the change window.


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