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2021-04-12 - Release 21w15.1(

08:00-09:00 UTC

2021-03-22 - Release 21w12.1(

08:00-09:00 UTC

2021-03-02 - Release 21w09.2

07:00-19:00 UTC
Emma servers have been migrated to a new hosting environment

2021-02-23 - Upcoming server maintenance

On 2021-03-02 07:00-19:00 UTC the Emma servers will be migrated to a new hosting environment

Only minor disturbances are expected during this change:

 - New user registration functionality will be disabled
 - Forgot password functionality will be disabled

2021-02-09 - Issues with dongle requiring Emma services

A new version of Emma was released 2021-02-08. If you are among the users having issues with the dongle requiring Emma services after the release please consider below: 

  1. As of 2021-02-08 traffic towards* (port 443) must be allowed in your firewalls.
  2. As of 2021-02-08 the 64-bit version of Emma Activation Dongle Software must be used. Download page:

In Windows 10 please do the following to check if your Activation Dongle Software is 32-bit or 64-bit: Open Settings -> Apps -> Search for SafeSign

If the application is named SafeSign 64-bits you have the right version; if not please uninstall it and install the 64-bit version (available from the link above).

2021-02-08 - Release 21w06.1(

08:00-09:00 UTC
As of February 8th 2021 Emma does no longer support 32 bit operating systems

2021-01-18 - Release 21w03.1(

08:00-09:00 UTC

2020-12-14 - Release 20w51.1(

08:00-09:00 UTC




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